TA Digital Work

As a leading digital technology agency serving organizations globally, we have been delivering innovative digital technology services and delighting our clients with digital experience, commerce, marketing solutions for over almost two decades. Our years of Digital Experience expertise has earned us a 97% customer satisfaction rating with our clients ranging from Global Fortune 1000 to Mid-Market Enterprises, leading educational institutions, and Non-Profits. Click here and see if you are eligible for a complimentary Digital Strategy Health Check.
Empowering Global Telecommunications Through AEM Mobile Development_Featured

Advancing Customer Experiences with an uniform website and mobile application with the help of AEM Mobile.

Improved Customer Experience for a Medical Service Provider

Enhancing discoverability and reducing operational cost with Adobe Experience Manager.

AEM Advancement for a Multinational Biotechnology Corporation

Upgrading our client's primary website and other 147 websites from AEM 6.2 to AEM 6.4.

Adobe Upgrade for Audio Equipment Manufacturer_Featured

Managing and distributing global and regional marketing assets using AEM Assets for our client's Global DAM platform.

Web Content Maintenance_Featured

Implementing a Content Maintenance system for Quick and Accurate Movement or Modification of Content.

Marketo Audit for Fortune 500 Company_Featured

TA Digital comprehensively audited the client’s Marketo instance providing thorough recommendations and best practices.

Manipal Prolearn

Drupal implementation for enhanced User Experience, Analytics and Payment option.

Global Marketo Support_Featured

TA Digital increased the client’s demand generation volume and improved the productivity of their marketing.

University of Phoenix

Website Audit to Improve Accessibility and Site Performance.


Industry leading CMS implementation for a prominent pet insurance company.


AEM and IBM WebSphere Integration for America Movil’s Telecom venture


Boosting Growth and Improving Visibility with Adobe Analytics

AEM Upgrade for Capella University from 5.6 to 6.1_Banner

Capella University increases performance and reduces overall cost-of-ownership.

Case Study : Car Rental Company - TeamSite Web App

TA Digital creates a co-branded web application for a large car rental company.

Natural History Museum : AEM Health Check

Natural History Museum Adobe Marketing Cloud and Experience Manager Ecosystem ROI Optimization Audit.

Case Study : Manipal Global Education Website

Enhanced site performance and an automated verification process through improved AEM implementation

Global Manufacturing Giant

TA Digital strengthened the client’s brand identity and helped the client provide its partners a more modern user experience.

Technology - Driven Construction Company - AEM Implementation

Redefining construction through technology

AEM 6.2 Implementation for a HealthCare Provider

TA Digital develops an online portal to help a medical client deliver information to over 2 million patients

Healthcare Self Service Portal AEM Implementation

TA Digital uses Adobe Experience Manager to create a self-service portal that gave patients easier access to information

AEM Implementation for a Major Real Estate Developer

TA Digital develops a modern online platform to streamline user experience for a real estate developer

Newspaper Publisher Website Renovation

TA Digital undertakes and delivers a website renovation project for one of the country’s largest newspaper publications

Android Application Development - Law Enforcement Agency

TA Digital builds a custom Android application for a law enforcement agency’s crime scene investigation

Sitecore Integration with Core Framework

TA Digital integrates multiple Sitecore-based websites under a single framework

Global Manufacturer : Hybris Commerce REST Integration

Delivering demonstrable benefits to customers using SAP Hybris Commerce

Drupal Website Design - Implementation of Apache SOLR

Implementing Apache SOLR to increase customer search experience

Global Technology Services Company Modernizing a Large Website

Modernizing a Large Website To Increase Customer and User Satisfaction.

Savo Sales Portal to AEM 6.2 Migration | TA Digital

Migration to AEM not only provided our client with the best user experience but also provided a cost-effective platform

AEM Case Study : Leading Educational Group

AEM empowers digital marketing for a leading higher-education group.

AEM Case Study : European Hospitality Giant

A hospitality giant leverages Adobe CQ to create an easy-to-use employee intranet portal.

Selenium Automated Equipment Maker

An American automated data capture equipment maker improves quality testing process

Case Study : American Home Furnishings Company

An American home furnishings company reduced SKU quantity and increased data updates.

Case Study : Equipment Rental Company

TA Digital creates a productivity-enhancing dashboard application for an equipment rental company.

Case Study : IT Networking Company Facebook App

A Global networking leader leverages a new Facebook app to support their customer community.

Case Study : Healthcare IT Solution Provider

A healthcare IT solution provider leverages TA Digital’s hybrid mobile app-building capabilities to power the doctor-patient communications

TeamSite Case Study : Multi-National IT Giant | TA Digital

TA Digital creates a next-generation solution for a Fortune 500 multi-national IT giant.

Paychex Case Study : TeamSite solution

Paychex leverages on TeamSite to optimize its web content management solution.

Case Study : TeamSite portal Supply Chain Solution Provider

TA Digital increases website traffic and partner confidence for a technology supply-chain solution provider.

AEM Case Study : Leading Sports Organization

TA Digital creates a fast and responsive mobile website for a premiere sports organization.

Case Study : Global Telecom Company - Adobe AEM

A global telecom company leverages Adobe CQ to create a feature-rich and easily managed website.

American Education Institution | TA Digital

An American educational institution reduced costs and leveraged new capabilities with an AEM implementation.

TeamSite Case Study : American Sports League

TA Digital optimizes website performance and content delivery for an American sports league.

American Educational Institution | TA Digital

A custom app integration with the BoldChat API automated the student data capture process.

Multinational Communication Technology Corporation

An effective user experience across 29 regions via an AEM 6.1 implementation.

Premier League Club Website - AEM

TA Digital’s enhanced AEM integration approach improved language translation capabilities for a premier league club

Drupal Case Study : European Gas Company

A leading gas company leverages Drupal content management for an improved website experience.

Agro Retail Provider - Drupal and Apache Solr | TA Digital

An agro-retail company powers next-generation e-commerce with Drupal and Apache Solr.

Transportation Association | TA Digital

A large transportation association harnesses TA Digital's expertise for a website redesign.

Technology & Specialty Materials | TA Digital

TA Digital helps a global technology and specialty materials company ensure content control.

Genealogy Website SOLR Search Case Study

A genealogy website leverages Apache Solr to transform its user experience.

Case Study : Azure load balance for a Global IT Provider

Advanced Azure load balance deployment helped an IT provider to optimize its website performance.

Global Semiconductor Manufacturer | TA Digital

A global semiconductor manufacturer leverages Sitecore CMS for multi-lingual website.

Electronic Test Equipment Manufacturer Migrates to Sitecore

An electronic test equipment maker leverages Sitecore to power its multi-lingual website for future growth.

DevOps automation-Electronic Test Equipment Manufacturing

Automation of the complete build process resulted in zero human errors and brought down the downtime from 20-30 min to almost nil.

Global Fortune 500 Materials Company | TA Digital

Enhanced responsiveness, reduced errors with Sitecore SAP and AD implementation

Health Insurance Company | TA Digital

Responsive website implementation for a major health insurance company.

Case Study : Financial Services Firm

A financial services organization realizes a dramatic 30% sales increase with a new Sitecore CMS.

Case Study : Digital Printing Solutions Company

A large digital printing solutions company leverages LiveSite for better web content control.

American Nonprofit Legal Advocacy Organization

Enhanced user experience through improved integration between Salesforce and Drupal.

Real Estate Association | TA Digital

Real estate association utilizes Sitecore to create a dynamic, data-driven website.