TA Digital Announces Elastic Path Strategic Partnership and Growth Investment

Oct 31, 2017

Recognizing that the future of digital transformation revolves around commerce and experience, TA Digital has officially announced a strategic investment in its Elastic Path partnership and growth plans within its commerce practice. Elastic Path has long been known as a leading commerce engine and TA Digital as one of its strategic partners for over two years. Capitalizing on this partnership and recognizing Elastic Path’s unique position to cater to leading brands across all verticals, TA Digital will place its primary commerce focus on helping deliver unparalleled commerce solutions utilizing the headless nature of Elastic Path.

How do TA Digital’s Customers Benefit from the Elastic Path Partnership?

TA Digital is confident that as the industry moves more and more towards a microservices-oriented architecture, its clients will appreciate the flexible solution Elastic Path offers. Abstracting the commerce engine from the presentation layer, affords clients the opportunity to pick the best-of-breed approach while selecting their experience platform, like Adobe, Sitecore, Episerver or Acquia (all TA Digital global partners).

“The forward-thinking architecture of Elastic Path makes it an easy choice for our strategic investment as we continue to strengthen our expertise and build out products and tools for our clients around Elastic Path,” said Ali Alkhafaji, VP of Digital Technologies at TA Digital, highlighting the primary reasons for this strategic partnership. 

How Does Elastic Path Benefit from the TA Digital Partnership?

TA Digital’s core competencies and capabilities make it an ideal partner for Elastic Path. With over a dozen practices focused on content management, commerce, digital marketing, search, experience, innovation and strategy, TA Digital can cater to the needs of Elastic Path customers at any stop in their digital transformation journey. Specifically, TA Digital has over 10 years of commerce experience, delivering cutting-edge solutions in a handful of platforms and now wants to join Elastic Path customers in their investment.

“TA Digital is a solution provider that built its outstanding reputation on the passion for technological innovation and deep digital competencies. We are excited they are strategically focusing on growing their vibrant Elastic Path practice to unlock cutting-edge transactional experiences craved by leading brands.” Sean Skamnes, VP of Business Development at Elastic Path Software, said in reaction to this announcement.

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TA Digital is the only global boutique digital transformation agency that helps organizations realize immediate and long-lasting value through exceptional user experience and data-driven methodology. For nearly two decades, we have been helping clients overcome the lack of scale and resource diversity of small regional agencies and the quantity-not-quality approach of large system integrators. We are known as a global leader that helps marketing and technology executives understand the digital ecosystem, identify operational gaps within their organization and finally ushering them into a more mature and profitable digital landscape.

TA Digital has high-level strategic partnerships with digital experience platform companies like AdobeSAP and Salesforce. TA Digital also has global partnerships with industry leaders like SitecoreEpiserverElastic PathBigCommerce, AWS, Azure and Coveo. The company was also recognized in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2019 Inc. 5000 list as one of the most successful technology companies in the United States.