Campaign Management

Our specialists can help you execute customer-focused data-driven digital programs that maximize your digital marketing investment.

Optimize Your ROI

Customers’ expectations of the digital experience are higher than ever. They don’t want one-size-fits-all content — they expect a journey designed just for them.

Our marketing campaign teams are governed across channels.  Our campaign process is user-centric, data-driven and grounded by a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. 

Our campaign operations process includes the following steps:


  • Align: Agree on overarching business objectives
  • Research: Define audiences, journeys, keywords, analytics, assets and nurture approach
  • Roadmap: Create an omnichannel campaign plan 


  • Create: Create the content for each channel, per the strategic plan
  • Test: Test assumptions about content and channels, before launching the full campaign
  • Publish: Launch your campaign with a validated, data-based strategy to back it


  • Analyze: Identify opportunities for greater engagement or revenue 
  • Expand: Leverage insights gained and deploy further campaigns

All campaign teams are product-specialized and support full-funnel acquisition to retention. We maximize ROI in everything we do, starting with high-value strategic input, efficient activation of campaigns and value-based optimization driven by data. 

By supporting efficient on- and offshore models, we allow you to do more with less.