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I’m a Sitecore Customer: What Should I Do Today, Tomorrow, and Next Year?

After years of knowing that something was going to change in the Sitecore world, something finally has. Sitecore has expanded its product portfolio beyond the only product we’ve known for over a decade and is trying to position itself as a SaaS company with a suite of composable products. Now every Sitecore customer is wondering, what should I do with my existing investment?

In this webinar, six-time Sitecore MVP Ed Kapuscinski will talk about the state of the Sitecore world, what it means for current customers, what your short- and long-term roadmaps can look like, and how you can save yourself some headaches along those roadmaps.


We’ll cover:


  • What Sitecore’s current product lineup really is
  • The differences between Sitecore XP, Sitecore XM, and Sitecore XM Cloud
  • Reasons to move to XM Cloud — and reasons not to
  • What it takes to migrate your Sitecore ecosystem to XM Cloud and Sitecore’s composable products
  • When it makes sense to upgrade and migrate your existing implementations

Ed Kapuscinski

Ed Kapuscinski

Director in .Net
TA Digital


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