How Adobe Target Transforms Your Company’s Digital Marketing Efforts

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Lokesh BS

By Lokesh Shivalingaiah

Vice President, Data and Enterprise Architecture

During online shopping, you’ve no doubt seen headings such as “Customers who bought this also bought” when viewing products. Every time a company such as Amazon displays related products on the bottom of a page or lists products that you might find interesting on the home page, that’s personalization at work. Personalized content helps customers discover products they’ll like. Personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations increase the average revenue that your company earns per sale. Most importantly, personalized content creates a great buying experience because it reduces the amount of time that customers spend using your website’s search function or looking at products that don’t interest them.

At TA Digital, we’ve received rave reviews when implementing the Adobe Target platform for our customers. Adobe Target provides automated personalization and digital intelligence that allows you to improve your results through testing, optimization and reporting.

Let’s learn more about what Target can do for your company.

Target Delivers Automated Personalization on Any Channel

Target’s primary function is the selection and delivery of personalized content. With a flexible content management system, there are no limits to what Target can personalize or the channels that it can reach. Some of the scenarios that Target makes possible include:

  • Displaying personalized product recommendations to logged-in customers on your website’s home page or storefront
  • Displaying personalized offers when customers sign in to your mobile app
  • Personalizing the order in which results appear when customers use your website’s search function
  • Adjusting the text and images on a landing page depending on the campaign that a customer last viewed
  • Showing relevant instruction manuals and downloads when customers view your website’s help area

Target treats all content the same. Whether you want to display personalized products, text articles, software downloads, PDF documents or something else, Target can do it. You can integrate Target with Adobe Experience Manager for the best results, or you can integrate it with your company’s existing CMS. Any channel that your CMS can reach — whether it’s your website, your mobile app, your email campaigns, your in-store displays or something else — gains the benefit of personalized content.

Target Uses Segmentation to Deliver Personalized Experiences to Customer Groups

Suppose your company sells camping supplies. Winter is approaching in many areas of the world, so you run a Facebook campaign advertising your warmest sleeping bags. If someone clicks the advertisement, you can assume that person is an avid camper who enjoys tackling harsh climates. During that person’s visit, you might want to show him related products such as warm boots and down-filled jackets. If a person clicks an advertisement displaying fishing gear, though, you might want to show that person your selection of waterproof clothing. Segmentation allows you to present customized experiences to specific portions of your customer base, and Target makes it easy to identify and speak to people with specific needs.

The magic happens when you integrate Target with the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The Adobe Marketing Cloud builds master profiles for all of your customers and collects data on all of their interactions with your company. Target shows you the correlations between different customer data points to help you identify the groups that you need to reach. You can even share your customer segments with other applications in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Target’s Machine Learning Improves Personalized Content Without Your Help

If you have a small staff working under you, it’s possible that the thought of creating customer segments and targeting rules leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed. How can you possibly account for all of your customers’ different needs and tastes? If creating your own targeting rules is too cumbersome a task, you’ll love Target’s automated system for selecting personalized content. Simply hand the reins over to Adobe — and watch your sales grow.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud and its real-time tracking of customer behavior make Target’s automation possible. Target studies your customers’ master profiles to identify links between actions and their outcomes. All that you need to do is insert an area for personalized content when creating a new page. Target will predict, observe and improve. Returning to our example of a company selling camping gear, Target may predict that a person who clicks an advertisement featuring cold weather camping gear wants to see your selection of sleeping bags. When observing customer behavior, though, Target may discover that most of those people actually go on to purchase jackets. Target responds automatically to real-world behavior and begins featuring jackets more prominently to those who click the advertisement.

Target doesn’t just consider the behavior of broad customer segments when selecting personalized content; it also considers the habits of individual customers. Suppose, for example, that a customer clicks an email advertisement for cold weather gear. The customer’s purchase history, though, shows that he always visits your website to buy fishing equipment. Target can adjust its personalized offers to account for that customer’s behavior. The more data Target collects, the better its recommendations become.

Target Gets More From Your Traffic With Conversion Rate Optimization

As a marketing professional, you know that there are two ways to increase the revenue that a website earns. You can generate more traffic, or you can do more with the traffic that you already receive. Target’s conversion rate optimization features increase the average revenue that your website earns per visitor and helps to ensure that no engaged prospect falls through the cracks.

The conversion optimization process begins when you create a page with a target action. If it’s a landing page, you might want the customer to submit a form. If it’s a product page, you want the customer to click the “Add to Cart” button. You’ll tell Target what the page’s goal is, and Target will begin tracking the page’s success rate in achieving that goal.

You can optimize the conversion rate of a page by putting Target’s A/B and multivariate testing to work. These are just a few of the questions that you can answer with Target’s testing functions.

  • Would a page perform better if its content reflected the customer’s region?
  • Should a page feature different content depending on the campaign that brought the visitor to your website?
  • Is there more compelling language that you could use for a page’s headline or body text?
  • Would a page perform better with a different image at the top?
  • Would a page perform better with a different font or color scheme?

With Target, you can test many variations of a page simultaneously. Run the experiment until you believe that a winner has emerged, or let Target pick the winner for you.

People who visit your desktop website may not always have the same needs and desires as those who visit your mobile website or use your mobile app. Adobe designed Target’s mobile app optimization features with the needs of mobile users in mind. Use mobile app optimization to test variations that take customers’ devices, mobile operating systems and geographical locations into account.

Putting It All Together

We love Adobe’s Target platform because it has features that no other digital marketing solution can match. Integrating Target with a full-featured CMS allows you to personalize your content for any audience. Integrating Target with the Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you access to the best data about your customers and supplies you with the digital intelligence necessary to make effective marketing decisions. If you don’t have the resources to segment your audience and create targeting rules manually, Target can do all of the work for you. It even learns from its own mistakes.

Would you like to learn more about what Adobe’s Target platform can do for your company? TA Digital is an Adobe Business Partner. We have worked extensively with companies around the world to implement the Adobe Marketing Cloud and integrate it with third-party solutions. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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