Building an Intelligent Enterprise Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration

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By Sateesh Kumar D

One of the biggest challenges in any distributed packaged solution is the ability to interact with other applications. Several factors like the technology stack, file formats, protocols, firewalls, clouds, applications, etc., play a significant role in designing and delivering the project.

SAP Cloud Platform is a new framework, a successor of Datahub, which makes cloud integration reliable, intelligent, and straightforward. It provides out-of-the-box connectivity across cloud and on-premise solutions. Let’s dig deeper and understand how SCPI (SAP Cloud Platform Integration) connection capabilities can make enterprises connect intelligently.

What is SAP Cloud Platform Integration?

Building an Intelligent Enterprise Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) is the strategic integration service within SAP Cloud Platform, which facilitates the orchestration, routing, processing, and transformation of messages between systems in cloud-to-cloud or hybrid scenarios.

Boasting a wide range of adapters and a vast library of pre-packaged integration content, SCPI enables customers to design and execute processes and data integrations in a more extensible, scalable, stable, and reliable fashion.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite help enterprises accelerate innovation at scale in connecting processes, data, people, and devices for the intelligent enterprise.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration supports SAP solution in all areas of integration

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration supports SAP solution across all areas of integration. Its primary goals include:

  • Providing an agile integration framework.
  • Supporting ever-changing business operations.
  • Harmonizing integration between on-premise and cloud applications, data, business-to-business networks, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things.
  • Overcoming the governance, compliance, security and technical debt challenges of ad hoc integration approaches.

The solution itself is straight forward and simple

What makes the SAP cloud platform straightforward and simple? Below are the key factors:

  • API-first integration approach
  • Synergic application, data, process, and user-experience integration across cloud and on-premise landscapes
  • Pre-packaged integration flows
  • Third-party solution integration
  • Published APIs ready for sandbox testing and consumption
  • Intuitive web tooling and AI-driven assistance
  • Integration solution advisory methodology
  • Enterprise-class governance
  • Infrastructure security and scalability

Key Features & Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Integration

The key benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Integration are:

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity support (IDoc, SFTP, SOAP/HTTPS, SuccessFactors, OData, HTTPS)
  • Security features such as content encryption and certificate-based communication
  • Preconfigured integration patterns, providing many options for the configuration of data flow between participant systems.
  • Connectivity adapters (endpoint types) that allow participant systems to connect through both proprietary and open protocols (IDoc, OData, JMS, HTTPS, EDI, Ariba, AS2/4, and many more)
  • Diverse integration scenarios - Link processes and data using both application-to-application and business-to-business integration scenarios.  
  • Multiple endpoints - Integrate various SAP and third-party applications and data sources based either on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Pre-packaged content - Use pre-packaged integration content to jump-start integration projects and get productive quickly.
  • Customize integration - Extend our preconfigured integration scenarios to include your custom requirements.
  • Increase business agility with connected processes, applications, and data that drive a real-time enterprise
  • Extend business processes across hybrid environments for greater efficiency
  • Expand competitive advantage with deeper data-driven insights, irrespective of the data location


Integration Architecture Including Design Time, Runtime, and Operations

Building an Intelligent Enterprise Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SCPI Integration Architecture [source]



Bright, Crisp, Out-of-the-box Inbound & Outbound Integrations

Inbound integration indicates bringing data into SAP Commerce Cloud or reproducing data from other systems into SAP Commerce Cloud.

Building an Intelligent Enterprise Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration


Inbound Communication from SCPI [source]



Outbound Integration

The Outbound integration exports the data from SAP Commerce Cloud. For example, dispatching the data out of SAP Commerce Cloud or reproducing it in another system.

Building an Intelligent Enterprise Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Outbound Communication from SAP Commerce Cloud Integration [source]




As the digital era evolves into the intelligent era, businesses are facing a host of new challenges. You need to be able to innovate efficiently and synergistically with your core business processes to impact business outcomes, act instantaneously, and capitalize on opportunities based on sound insights from up-to-date information. You must also be in a position to increase productivity by intelligently automating manual tasks, Using SCPI, the implementations are a lot easier to transform intelligently and innovate with agility.

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