AEM Continues to WOW: Introducing AEM 6.3 Highlights and Benefits

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By Lokesh Shivalingaiah

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AEM Continues to WOW: Introducing AEM 6.3 Highlights and Benefits

Adobe expanded the capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager with the announcement of the new Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit in March 2017. Adobe Experience Manager remains the world’s leading digital marketing platform — and if your business already uses AEM to power its marketing efforts, there has never been a better time to upgrade to AEM 6.3.

Adobe Experience Cloud unifies all of Adobe’s cloud-based marketing services under a single platform in which all components communicate with one another to create fuller customer experiences and drive better marketing decisions.

Adobe Experience Cloud consists of the following components:

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the core component that you use for creating vibrant customer experiences across all of your marketing channels. Adobe Marketing Cloud includes Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Primetime, Adobe Social, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target. Adobe Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to create content and campaigns tailored to customers’ needs and desires. It also enables rapid scaling to serve growing audiences.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud allows your company to manage all of its advertising campaigns from a single platform. With the recent addition of TubeMogul, Adobe Advertising Cloud even supports television advertising. Adobe Advertising Cloud also includes Adobe Media Optimizer, a programmatic ad buying solution that automatically purchases advertising when the time is right. Adobe Advertising Cloud supports all forms of online advertising including search engine marketing, display advertising and video advertising.

Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud utilizes the features of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager to collect the data that your customers generate when they interact with your brand and use it to create comprehensive profiles of individual customers. Adobe Analytics Cloud also combines with the machine learning platform Adobe Sensei to generate deeper insights about your customers and provide recommendations about how you can best tailor your marketing efforts to their needs.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, making it easy to use your created media within your website content, mobile app content, email marketing and advertising campaigns. If a designer changes a media asset in Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud automatically merges the change to ensure that your website and campaigns display the updated media. Adobe Experience Cloud can also monitor the reactions on social networks when you share your media online.

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud also integrates with Adobe Document Cloud to add documents to your website that customers can digitally sign. With Adobe Document Cloud, you can accomplish anything from allowing your customers to apply for credit online to keeping patients’ medical records secure. Adobe Document Cloud also eliminates the waste and expense of paper document distribution, review and sorting.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 Powers the Fuller Experiences Your Customers Expect

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 meets the challenges that marketing professionals like you face every day. Customers are hungry for great content and unforgettable online experiences. Customers want to minimize the time that they spend looking for relevant content, though, so you can keep customers engaged by recommending relevant content automatically. Recommending the right content and wrapping it in a smooth, memorable experience requires deep customer insights and powerful artificial intelligence. It also requires a content management system capable of delivering experiences that scale with your customer base. Those features are exactly what Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 provides.

When a potential customer sees your advertisement or visits your website, you only have one chance to make a great first impression, engage the customer and turn him or her into a qualified lead. Every time your company touches a customer, Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 is there to provide the right content at the perfect moment.

Upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 Now

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 represents the culmination of Adobe’s efforts to integrate all of its content and media creation, website management, media organization, marketing, analytics and business intelligence tools within the same cloud-based platform. If your company isn’t using AEM 6.3 yet, it’s time to upgrade. TA Digital can help. Our extensive experience and certifications make us one of the most qualified organizations in the world to handle Adobe Experience Manager implementations, integrations, and upgrades.

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TA Digital is one of only 19 companies in the world to hold both the business solution partner and Adobe experience manager designation. We are absolute experts on the Adobe marketing cloud

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Over the past 20 years, we have completed thousands of digital projects globally. We have one of the largest and deepest Adobe Marketing Cloud (“AMC”) certified digital consulting teams in the world. Our proprietary processes and years of Digital Experience expertise have earned us a 97% customer satisfaction rating with our clients ranging from Global Fortune 1000 to Mid-Market Enterprises, leading educational institutions, and Non-Profits.

Regardless of your industry or sector, our deep Adobe Marketing Cloud, Commerce, Marketing Automation, Personalization, Analytics and CRM integration expertise, will help you seamlessly engage and interact with your customers through each touch point on their customer journey. Our AMC consultants will provide you with extensive innovative digital insights to ensure that your AMC platform is ideally optimized and that you are realizing a maximum return on investment across your digital, commerce, and sales enterprise.


As an Adobe Marketing Cloud intrapreneur, you know that your team, internal processes, multi-solution tools, creativity, and discipline drive the successful outcomes of your business. Our goal is to help your business become a digital marketing revenue generating center that is generating revenue for your organization 24x7x365.

We accomplish this goal by helping you accelerate your advancement faster than your competitors, across all seven of the Adobe Digital Marketing Maturity dimensions–Channels, Audiences, Context, Content, Assets, Campaigns, and Data. We work with you to custom tailor our flexible solution-service offerings to ideally fit your business model, Digital Maturity stage, your time-lines, and your budget.

To ensure maximum flexibility and success our solution offerings encompass the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud and each (AMC) individual product. We offer three Digital Service packages to accommodate your specific business requirements, budget, and timeline. We also provide you with integration offerings that empower you to leverage best of breed digital, commerce, and marketing automation technologies to create world-class multi-solution digital eco-systems.


Strategy: We will mentor and you during your deployments, migrations, integrations, and upgrades.

Hybrid: We will work with your team using an integrated-team approach.

All-Inclusive: We will help you reduce your costs by serving as your fully integrated internal digital marketing enterprise.


Adobe Marketing Cloud: Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, Campaign, Target, Media Optimizer, Audience Manager, and Social.

Digital Strategy: Helping you accelerate your digital maturity and transform your organization into a Digital Marketing Revenue Generating Center.

Digital Actualization: Helping you deploy optimized revenue-generating, multi-solution implementations, migrations, upgrades, and integrations.

Digital Governance: Helping you build strong Digital Governance frameworks that provide clear accountability for your digital strategy, policy, and standards.

Digital Optimization: Helping you build scalable, fluid, optimized, and integrated multi-solution platforms that deliver maximum revenue potential to your organization.


  • Mobile Development, Optimization, and Personalization
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • DevOps and Managed Services
  • UI Development
  • Experience and Visual Design
  • Demand Generation Program
  • Content Management Program
  • Staff Augmentation

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Over the past 20 years, TA Digital has positioned clients to achieve digital maturity by focusing on data, customer-centricity, and exponential return on investment; by melding exceptional user experience and data-driven methodologies with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we enable digital transformations that intelligently build upon the strategies we set into motion. We are known as a global leader that assists marketing and technology executives in understanding the digital ecosystem while identifying cultural and operational gaps within their business – ultimately ushering organizations toward a more mature model and profitable digital landscape.

Recognized in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, TA Digital is pleased also to share high-level strategic partnerships with world class digital experience platform companies like Adobe, SAP, AcquiacommercetoolsSitecore, and Elastic Path.

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