Connect Your SAP Commerce With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

With many options for creating storefronts with SAP Commerce Cloud, we created an AEM Connector to make your decision-making smoother and easier. 

Our technology is ready to drive your decisions, provide recommendations on how to choose which option is best and how to configure B2C or B2B storefronts and web services for your SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

While every option has its advantages and disadvantages, here are some key pointers to drive your decisions:

Accelerators have been around in one form or another since SAP Commerce version 4.4. The templates provide pre-built storefronts with examples in fashion, electronics and power tools for B2B. 

They also offer a starting point for the features and functionality included as part of SAP Commerce Cloud. These can be customized as needed to meet your requirements.
Spartacus JavaScript Storefront
The Spartacus JavaScript Storefront is an open-source project owned by SAP. As a client-side storefront, Spartacus is a key part of decoupling the storefront from the SAP Commerce core. This lets development of the SAP Commerce platform run separately from the storefront, allowing for simpler upgrades. 

As a JS storefront, it’s written to leverage many of the modern JS libraries and is on its way to becoming a fully progressive web application (PWA). It leverages the Omni Commerce Connect (OCC), which is the set of REST APIs that talk with your SAP Commerce Cloud instance, as well as the Extension Factory and other third-party services.

Custom Storefront
Custom Storefront is an option in some cases where none of the solutions mentioned above will work. Typical examples include an AEM Storefront with a better control on CMS and content enrichment or when the implementation team is more comfortable with a programming language the storefronts don't use (for example, AEM, Angular or Ruby). In both of these situations, the onus for supporting all aspects of the storefront will be a custom responsibility. 

If you’re looking to build a custom storefront on top of SAP Commerce Cloud, your best option is to leverage the OCC, similar to what the Spartacus JS Storefront is doing. If a web service you require does not exist, you will need to create it yourself. This is where we can help enhance the experience with ready-to-go OCC add-ons specifically built for B2B, B2C and telco accelerators. We also have a sample storefront built on AEM for an easier reference.

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Platform:  SAPAdobe Experience Manager

Versions: 2005