Powered by machine learning, our innovative search engine tailors results to your customers’ needs, iteratively improving upon your targeting strategies.


Powerful, Affordable Results

Built on the most popular indexing engine, Apache Solr, is a lightweight SaaS solution with a robust, secure and scalable infrastructure. Increasing relevance, fueling personalization and boosting predictive results, our advanced product is a game-changing alternative to more expensive AI search engines.

Starts Smart and Keeps Getting Smarter 
Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, delivers results based on multiple dimensions: geographic location, past search history, age, gender — any attribute deemed effective with your audiences. 

From day one, your search results will improve, and that momentum will only increase as the tool continues to learn and iterate based upon real-time data.

Benefits to Your Business
Realize higher conversions, return visits and brand loyalty with our easy-to-deploy and maintain offering. Our array of built-in analytics dashboards will articulate your ROI, and our machine-learning models will continuously inform recommended adjustments for new audiences. Enhancements may be implemented by your team or through TA Digital experts. 

Better Customer Experience
Remarkably relevant and personalized search results ensure your customers access to information that aligns with their expectations, increasing satisfaction and driving an advanced user experience that keeps them coming back.

A Complete Offering

  • Configurable and customizable machine-learning models 
  • Visual data dashboards showing all key indicators of your business
  • Product updates
  • API extension layer
  • Technical and functional documentation
  • Product support 
  • Technical, functional and data science support packages


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