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Customer engagement happens on various channels and one of the important engagement is potential customers contacting the direct sales or customer service teams. Offline conversations over phone or in-person meeting are crucial as they help explore the explicit information provided by customer. During digital experience maturity this information becomes critical in the context of further journey those offline customers make on the digital channles like website. Today’s digital experience platform should utilize these offline conversations also to nurture and make their potential and existing customers have better digital experience.

Salesforce stands top in the CRM space and is used by many organizations as their central reposotory of leads and customers. To utilize the rich information originating from this system can play a vital part in nurturing other digital channels behavior.

TA Salesforce Accelerator will help organizations running their digital experience on Sitecore platform. Most common scenarios like creating leads from website to Salesforce, running campaigns to complex scenarios like personalizing and gating content to website visitors are covered in this accelerator. Taking this accelerator as starting point organizations can design experiences unique to their Line of Business.

Platform: Sitecore WCM

Versions: 8

Tags: Sitecore, Salesforce, accelerator, CRM, WCM, Source of truth, single view of data, 2 way sync, authentication, service desk