Upgrading to AEM 6.1? – Ten Challenges You May Encounter (Part 2)

By Srikanth Kalepu 2 min read

In our first blog post, we presented five technical challenges that organizations have commonly witnessed during their upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.1. As TA Digital has worked with many clients through this important transition, we’re sharing the knowledge we’ve gained.

Here are five more technical areas that may need special attention as you move to AEM 6.1:

6. Copy/Move Functions – Because the underlying repository for AEM 6.1 has changed, it affects all of your stored content—and often your ability to copy/move certain components. We’ve found that the WYSIWYG editor will work for most of AEM’s default components, as well as many simple components and text, but if you have complex or composite components with many interdependencies, they may not work and will need special handling.

7. Revamped Client Context – Client context functionality was revamped in AEM 6.1, so if your applications depend heavily on this capability, it should be reviewed carefully to make sure all your desired features still work correctly. This is one of the intricate details that can be overlooked with simple regression testing.

8. Updated Authentication Handler – Another thing updated in AEM 6.1 is the authentication handler, which now offers several new features. If your existing application depends on the authentication handler, you need to verify it follows the new standards.

9. Get in Sync with Java 8 – Here’s another best practice: To optimize your AEM 6.1 performance, make sure your application code is compatible with Java 8. While the previous version of AEM still worked with Java 7, you won’t get the maximum benefit from AEM 6.1 without Java 8.

10. Access Control – Rep: policy and access control features have changed significantly with the AEM 6.1 release. For example, the Oakrun compaction tool now requires a permission reset, and you’ll need to run this tool on a regular basis. Other tools are also available for additional functionality. Regardless of which tools your specific application may require, we strongly suggest you take some time to examine the new access control process.

If your organization needs help with the upgrade to AEM 6.1, let TA Digital be your guide. We offer the deep product knowledge, hands-on transition experience and the technical workarounds required to make your transition a smooth one.

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