Teasing Sitecore 8.2

By Venkata Phani Abburi 2 min read

It seems just like yesterday when Sitecore released its 8.1 version and now 8.2 is right at our doorstep. And if you thought 8.1 was ‘awesome,’ prepare to be amazed at 8.2’s exciting experience marketing capabilities.

As always, Sitecore has a mission with each release. And this time, it’s to “close the experience gap.” The focus is more on personalization and automation, and how to create enriching experiences for customers across devices and channels.

Few notable features at a high level caught our eye:

Express Migration tool

Migration has always been a pain-point when upgrading between Sitecore versions. How many times did you want to upgrade to the latest version without the budget, technology and process constraints weighing you down? 8.2 promises to make the upgrades a breeze, with a consistent and standardized migration approach across industry implementations.

Enhanced Publishing

Sitecore has listened to its customers’ and partners’ concerns on the platform’s publishing process by coming out with an innovative solution. 8.2, we hear, has been completely redesigned for enterprise-level publishing requirements. What’s best is that there is no need for a separate Sitecore instance as deployment can happen on a non-Sitecore or IIS server. This will reduce the infrastructure and maintenance cost of an extra server. Don’t you love it when the product features surprisingly saves cost for you?

CRM Connector 8.2

True to Sitecore’s punch line “One connected platform,” the new CRM integration will make it much easier to leverage both, online and offline systems to build more effective campaigns through personalization, segmentation and campaign information.

Path Analyzer

8.2 also promises to visualize customer journey in an easier way. The upgraded tool allows tracking of the journey at each step via easy-to-understand reports, a variety of views and filters, and built-in help.

Cloud Improvements

One more feather in 8.2’s hat is the next-generation cloud service offerings. With a simplified and more robust connection process, Sitecore PaaS, the old Azure module has been phased out. In its place are the new Azure Resource Manager templates, which can be used for various deployment models.

Also look out for:

  • Improved engagement automation tools
  • Improved editing tools
  • Enhancements to segmentation/rules management

We’ll talk about each of these in detail in the coming weeks as we continue to explore the new version.

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