TDS for Sitecore Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

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Continuous Integration & Delivery Automation

Continuous Integration is a process which involves developers continuously working independently and together to merge their code to a shared environment where the developers’ code is then integrated. The ability to automatically and consistently deploy the code has been a hype in the market, and many organizations in the recent past have come forward to practice this process.

The Objective of Continuous Integration

The main objective of CI is to avoid integration problems across a project where several developers are working on a shared code base. If we introduce automation along with software deployment automation, it will save a lot of time for the developers and the operations team who follow the same painstaking and lengthy process every time they release new software.

Continuous Integration for Sitecore CMS

When it comes to implementing CI for Sitecore, along with deploying the code, we also need to consider deploying the Sitecore items as part of the build.

1. Deploy code to web server
2. Deploy Sitecore items to the database.

There are a few options available for deploying Sitecore items. One amongst them – a prevalent one – that provides a complete solution is TDS (Team Development for Sitecore) which is used by many organizations practicing DevOps for Continuous Integration and Delivery.
TDS simplifies the developer’s work by integrating the Sitecore template changes/item level changes into a working code which the developer can modify and deploy them to the database.

Some advantages of using TDS for Continuous Integration:

  • We can deploy content from one server to another
  • We can generate a full set of build artifacts which can then be deployed to a web server using a web deploy or SFTP plug-ins
  • The ability to deploy Sitecore items as part of the build
  • The ability to do a delta deploy of Sitecore items which gradually reduces the amount of time required for deploying Sitecore items


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