SolrCloud setup on Mac

By Chakravarthy Yeleswarapu 3 min read

SolrCloud configuration – 2 shards X 2 replicas

  • Download Solr(see previous Solr 6.4.1 and unzip or untar to a directory.
  • I’ve installed Solr in my Mac’s home dir ~/solr-6.4.1
  • Ensure JDK 1.8 is available in your command line.
  • Check with java -version, Solr 6.x works only with JDK 1.8.
  • For this setup, I want to use ZK ensemble (instead of local ZK) just as we would in a production setup.

Start ZK nodes (see the previous post)

Create solr.home (not to be confused with install dir) for each node. I’m creating this in ~ dir as well.

Copy and solr.xml files to solr_home dirs

SolrCloud boot sequence – starting each node in numerical order.


Start node1 in cloud mode. Each step could be packed into .sh file


Following is boot sequence of node2, node3 & node4 in a single listing


At this point accessing http://localhost:8983/solr/#/~cloud  in the browser does not display ‘cloud’ configuration – because there are no collections created, yet.

Create techproducts collection.

Note the shards, replication facto,-d option for tech-products collection.
Accessing Solr console http://localhost:8983/solr/#/~cloud should display 2X2 setup.

Now, we are ready to index some data. I’ve used example docs that come with Solr install.


Using json.facet API, find top 5 categories and return a number of products in-stock and out-of-stock.


Note the formatting allowed by json.facet structure. Its clean, human readable, easy to understand & debug.

I’ve got above curl command working as is because –data-binary ‘<solr_query>’ allows indenting your input on the command line.

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