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The workbox in Sitecore is a good out-of-the-box dashboard for users to use for workflows, however, it becomes painful to use when we have a large number of items in the workflow. Additionally, selecting multiple items using checkboxes in the default work box can be a time-consuming process.

We, therefore, have developed an extended workbox that will provide the ability to filter the items on various criteria and provide sort and search capability. Using ComponentArt grid control for our solution made a selection of multiple items easy using “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys.

The Advanced Workbox application comprises of the pieces described below.

Home Ribbon

sitecore Extended workbox_image_1 This ribbon has two groups – “Workflows” and “View”.


This group displays all the workflows to which the logged-in user has access.


This group has drop-down fields which are used to filter the results.

The “Refresh” button is used to update the result list by applying filter values selected in the different drop-down fields.

Review Ribbon

sitecore Extended workbox_image_2

This ribbon has three groups – “Actions”, “Proof” and “Customize”.


This group displays all state commands which the user has permission to execute for the current workflow state that is selected in the filter group of Home tab. Clicking the State command will invoke the State’s defined actions.


This group displays all the available Item commands.


This group has a button that will allow the user to specify which columns to display in the result list.

Result List

The result list displays the result items in a tabular format similar to the User Manager application in Sitecore. Clicking on a column header will sort the items in ascending or descending order of that column.

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