How Can Sightly Help You Improve Time-to-Market?

By Hemanth Mudigolam 2 min read

Sightly, the beautiful markup language has been around for more than two years now. Though the adoption has been slow (driven in part by capabilities), it is steadily gaining traction among customers and the developer community.

A server-side templating language, Sightly enables development teams to distinctly separate logic and markup. This flexibility allows for faster, easier CMS customization, thus equipping companies to pursue a broader, more comprehensive business strategy and faster time-to-market.

Sightly has become more performant and standardized (check out the specification at ) over a span of time with an increased support base for tools.

Having just wrapped up the complete migration of a site to AEM using Sightly, I could see 30-40% reduction in development efforts over traditional JS based development. The code came out cleaner and I also expect the maintenance to be a lot easier.

Sightly’s benefits include:

  • Increased developer productivity
  • Elimination of UI/AEM integration issues
  • Cleaner code and easier maintenance
  • Shorter learning curve for new AEM developers

The second point is worth highlighting again as Sightly enables Java developers to focus on the backend code without worrying about HTML and vice versa. This feature is unlike other templating systems where Java developers need to possess little front end knowledge for integration, which often results in more issues since front end is not their primary skill.

Easier, More Efficient Coding

Sightly offers a wider choice of global variables as well as flexible Use API to prepare your own data for the templates. Having both, Java and javascript based Use-API is a major plus.

Implementation Overview

Beyond the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC), this architecture also has following characteristics:

  • The presence of a Sling Post Servlet means that no code has to be written to handle POST requests.
  • The client doesn’t need to know about structuring data for the Sling Post Servlet.
  • To retrieve the HTML fragment of what must be updated on the page (example.html file), a simple server-side JavaScript file (example.js)/Java class ( is required to trigger the specific template handling that part of the view.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Time-to-Market

Many technical managers prefer Sightly because no other templating system enables developers to keep business logic outside of markup, allow them to leverage JCR’s extensive features or offer such flexible Sling integration. Bottom line is that Sightly is a powerful, versatile tool that improves time-to-market and reduces the TCO of your AEM 6.x projects.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more updates on the tool that TA Digital’s Lab is creating to automate your migration from JSP to Sightly.

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