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Cutting Through the CMS Clutter: How to Get Your Tasks (and Only Your Tasks), Your Way.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the value of a Content Management System (CMS). But for most people, these powerful engines offer more functionality than they really need—and the excess can be overwhelming.

Instead of making life simpler, having too many tasks actually adds complexity—ultimately slowing users down and stunting their daily productivity.

What you need is a well-designed CMS interface that works like you do. It needs to support your specific role with the tasks and features you need, without burdening you with the ones you don’t.

That’s what we do. When we design a CMS, we work closely with clients to analyze user needs, sort them into roles and craft a UI for each role. Each customized interface shows only the tasks that user needs and hides the rest, ensuring that all users have a good (and efficient) experience.

How do we do it?

We personalize the CQ5 Welcome screen.

When we log in to CQ5, we see a welcome screen with many features that are not relevant to the user.

adobe cq login screen

Our goal is to restrict what the user sees here, based on some permission mechanisms.

In CQ5.6 this can be achieved by controlling permissions on certain nodes. For example, by removing read permission to a node, we can hide the feature on the welcome screen and prevent users from accessing that feature. These permission settings must be done via the user admin console (http://:/useradmin).

user admin console
Figure 1: User Admin Console

In order to hide a module from a user, we go to the user admin console, find the corresponding node, and uncheck the read permission. (See below for all the modules/feature paths.)

disabling websites module
Figure 2: Disabling Websites Module

The paths for all the links on the welcome screen (and other features that you can access directly) are below:

1. Modules





Digital Assets














2. Resources



Cloud Services




Task Management










3. Docs





Developer Resources


4. Features







Package Share






OSGi Console


OSGi Console Status Dump


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