Hybris 6.1: 1 Exciting Feature, 5 Extraordinary Benefits

By Koti Reddy 2 min read

Rapid changes in front-end technologies are promising to deliver outstanding customer experiences in the future. We see this with Hybris 6.1, which is here now and comes packed with some nifty features such as B2B and B2C Commerce Accelerators. These Accelerators provide improved and modern support for all devices.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is at the center of Hybris 6.1. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the features supported:

  • Responsive design used throughout the sites that use the Accelerators
  • Out-of-the-box (OOTB), true multi-device support
  • Revamped look and feel for the OOTB accelerator storefront templates
  • Responsive technology for all the add-ons that include a UI
  • The set of sample storefront templates permit sharing and adapting within the B2B and B2C applications

Benefits galore
Cost reduction

  • No need to create and maintain separate device-specific layouts
  • Comparatively lower costs for creating exceptional mobile sites as the framework adapts the sites for various devices automatically
  • Easily adaptable layouts as per the target screen size
  • Improved flexibility for future development

Expanded reach

  • Reach more mobile and tablet users
  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Improved analytics with Single View Site

Promotes better SEO ranking

  • Search engines can crawl entire sites
  • Sites recognized by search engines boost rankings
  • Better SEO, better branding, improved sales

Use of Bootstrap framework

  • Easy to customize and maintain templates

Outstanding user experience

  • Seamless, unified user experience across devices

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