How to successfully map KPIs to your business

By Kishore Panangipalli V S K 2 min read

How to successfully map KPIs to your business

Dec 14, 2017

By Kishore PVSK

Businesses utilizing analytics are not just gaining a competitive advantage but also positioning themselves for greater success. However, most organizations fail to identify the right KPIs. This blog post will cover the list of major KPIs and map them to the relevant business types.

Let’s get started.

Every business is unique and has its unique goals. Identifying the right goals is imperative for every business. Below are some of the high-level KPIs to help identify and achieve goals for different business types:

  • Leads
  • Visits
  • Exit Rate
  • Conversion
  • Time Spent
  • Post Bounce Rate
  • Total Revenue
  • Subscriptions
  • Traffic Source of Comments
  • Order Size
  • Top Viewed Posts of New Blogs
    • Product similarity
    • Most Visitors Time
    • Social Media Shares
    • Views Per Post
    • Campaign Performance
    • Sales by Time Period
    • Cart abandonment rate
    • New Vs Repeat Visitors
    • ROI (Return on Investment)
    • Depth of a Visit or Avg. Page Views/Visit


With your KPIs identified, the next step is to identify and sort them based on business types. While there may be numerous classifications for business types, they can broadly be categorized into 3 types:

  • Content
  • Blogs
  • e-Commerce

Now, let’s map the KPIs with business types. Below is the complete classification of KPIs based on business types.KPI Business Types

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Kishore Panangipalli V S K

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Kishore Panangipalli V S K

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