How Retailer’s Build Experiences that Stand Out

By Kirsten Oelrich 2 min read

How Retailer’s Build Experiences that Stand Out

April 2, 2018

By Kirsten Oelrich

Shoppers are a fickle bunch. Prices drop. Products trend. Minds change. Today, your competition is not only on the other side of the mall—it’s on the other side of the continent. In this new retail reality with you versus the world, winning on price is a losing cause, and trying to win with selection or convenience is tenuous at best.

But there is a place where competitors can’t go—the path you own from the start. It’s the experience.

Customers already seek out brands that stand out. They link themselves to those they identify with. Ones that inspire and speak to them. Ones that deliver emotion as much as merchandise. And you can use this to your advantage as a retail business, because you are on display 24/7. You have always been at the forefront, first to interact with customers, defining what’s possible, and steering expectations. When coupled with a customer’s desire to follow the brands they love, you, as a retailer, have an inside track to differentiate yourself and deliver an experience that truly stands out.

Getting there means you need to build experiences that revolve around your customer. And that’s nothing short of total transformation of your business. It begins with ensuring you have the right platform and tools to manage, streamline, and deliver your content. As an experience business, you can easily ramp up as business grows and adapt amid shifting technological tides. With the right platform, you can deliver content that feels like a single cohesive and custom-made store for every screen size, inbox, newsfeed, push notification, store kiosk, social network, and connected app.

You’ll also need to get to know your customers like never before. To create a complete view of the customer and their journey, silos must disappear, so data can be unified among internal teams and outside partners. By analyzing your newfound view of the customer, you’ll identify high-value segments and pinpoint the kind of content they’re looking for. These new insights will help inform every marketing decision to deliver personalized, consistent experiences that stand out. With testing, you’ll refine your digital marketing even further to adapt and deliver more relevant experiences.

Although becoming an experience business matters to every company, it’s even more vital for retailers to embrace this new vision. With this transformation, you can lock down that capricious shopper. Get out of the retail rat race with your competitors. And connect with customers’ hearts to build engagement and gain lasting loyalty. It’s your well-deserved reward for delivering a retail experience that stands out.

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