How Long Can I Stay on Magento 1?

By Todd Young 3 min read

Magento has announced that support for Magento 1 will be extended through June 2020.  Does this mean that operators can remain on their existing platform for another year?

The short answer is… “No”. And here’s why:

Critical Support Only

Although it sounds reassuring, the support that Magento will provide from here on out is limited to critical security issues only and perhaps a functional update or two for the Enterprise (“Commerce”) version.  If your business experiences any disruption it will probably be on you to foot the bill for writing any code necessary to keep the orders flowing.

With the frequent changes in online commerce one needs to protect the ability to fight the tide of obsolescence or to adapt to recent trends in order to maximize profitability.  Critical changes in hosting environments and web technologies can pop up unexpectedly, threatening the ability of your site to perform – leaving you with declining orders and rising costs.

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Aging Code Base

The bulk of custom code in the average Magento 1 website was written years ago by people who are now unavailable.  In the years since, many people may have come-and-gone leaving a myriad of surprises waiting to be discovered if the site should go down.

Additionally, many Magento 1 sites are still running on older versions of hardware, servers and programming languages.  The farther out we are from today’s technologies, the more likely that the next problem or crash for a Magento 1 site will be a “special snowflake” that is just not a common-enough problem for Magento to address at the highest levels.

Third-Party Support

Most authors of community extensions and plug-ins have moved on to supporting Magento 2 and rarely support their legacy Magento 1 extensions anymore.  Critical functions necessary to the livelihood of a Magento 1 site can become obsolete overnight due to changes in shipping, taxes, security protocols, integration standards or countless other factors.

As many Magento professionals say from time to time, “nobody wants to work on Magento 1 anymore!”  As fast as Magento 2 has moved in its first few minor versions, along with the growing demand following the Adobe acquisition and the need for thousands of developers to re-certify, it is getting increasingly difficult to find qualified support for Magento 1 sites.

Leadtime to Migrate

Although it seems as if Black Friday 2018 is hardly behind us, site operators that want to have a stable, performant website ready for the 2019 holiday buying season must start planning today and they need to have their new platforms ready and launched by the end of summer.

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Quite a few businesses made the decision to defer upgrading their Magento sites last year for one reason or another.  However, it is simply unavoidable this year; waiting until 2020 to upgrade to Magento 2 means that the existing Magento 1 sites will reach end-of-support while they are still running.  This leaves a very risky transition (not only of website but of the operations built around them) to occur right into the peak buying season, a scenario that has proven disastrous for many site operators in years past.  Don’t be one of them!

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