Here’s How High-Tech Experience Business’s Deliver Experiences with Real Value

By Kirsten Oelrich 2 min read

Here’s How High-Tech Experience Business’s Deliver Experiences with Real Value

March 28, 2018

By Kirsten Oelrich

Digital technology is essential to our daily lives. It enhances everything we do and we expect it to keep up with us. To meet our needs. To live on the bleeding edge and surprise us with new experiences we never thought possible. With expectations like these, high-tech companies have to be the best. And that means the competition is extreme.

High-tech companies are under constant pressure to innovate, to deliver to an ever-widening and ever- more-complicated audience. At the same time, they struggle with vast, complex organizations and legacy technology that keep them from truly standing apart. They exist in a world of fierce competition, and while many have the pieces to succeed, they often struggle to put them together to be truly exceptional.

The experience business in high tech knows that the way to overcome these challenges—to rise above the competition—is to focus on delivering experiences with real value.

It starts with innovation. The high-tech experience business innovates from the ground up. Indeed, they breed innovation throughout their whole organization. They start with the best parts of their legacy—their reputation, their structure, their technology—and intelligently add in what they need to make a scalable, future-proof foundation. As a part of this foundation, they bring their data and content together in a single platform, which allows them to deliver both bleeding-edge technology and personal experiences faster.

They structure their organization to best meet the needs of a complex ecosystem that includes consumer and business prospects, customers, and partners. And they put their effort where it really matters—the experience—relying on partners to do the rest.

But this is innovation with a purpose—to meet the needs of the customer. And because it’s focused on bringing value to the customer, it causes disruption. For the experience business in high tech, innovation is an ongoing conversation with their customers about what their customers really want and the value tech companies can deliver. So for the high-tech experience business, innovation—and disruption—is driven by customer data. They develop whole customer profiles that help them understand customer motives and needs, whether business or consumer. And when it comes to business customers, with complicated buying cycles and accounts, they gather and act on the data that helps them create compelling experiences throughout the lead-to-revenue process and beyond.

And so they disrupt. But this distortion is not about products.

With the Adobe Experience Cloud, you can make experience your business by designing and delivering experiences that are purposeful and forward-looking. Experiences that are innovative and disruptive. Experiences that have real value.

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