Five reasons to upgrade to TeamSite 7.4

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TeamSite 7.4 was released a few months ago. We decided to give it a spin and upgraded our server from TeamSite 7.3.1. This version looks promising with some new features.

An upgrade to the latest version makes sense for the following reasons:

1. TeamSite Mobile

An add-on module that enables you to create mobile LiveSite pages that are responsive. That’s right! You read it correctly. Right out of the box.

2. Mobile Emulator

An emulator that lets you preview content to see how it will appear on a number of mobile devices, including different phones and tablets, before publishing a page. To use the emulator, you need to make sure that you are running IE 9 or above.

3. Campaign Management

As part of this, business users can launch digital marketing campaigns. On top of it, they can tweet to a twitter account.

4. Enhanced Look And Feel

TeamSite UI has been enhanced and looks a lot better than earlier versions, right from the Login Screen. You will find a new TeamSite interface if you are upgrading from 7.2.1 and will no longer find links to Content Center Standard interface.

5. Browser support

Last but not least, IE 9 and Firefox versions 4 to 22 are officially supported now.

If you are upgrading from version 7.2.1 or earlier, you will find a powerful way to track dependencies within content, using dependency management functionality. With the click of a mouse, you will know where a particular asset is being used and vice versa.

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