Five Cloud Migration Challenges That Will Catch You Off Guard

By Jagadish Mugali 3 min read

Five Cloud Migration Challenges That Will Catch You Off Guard

May 23, 2019

By Jagadish M Mugali

More and more retailers are moving their ecommerce sites to a cloud-based architecture. However, despite the benefits of the cloud such as improved scalability, greater flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, setbacks such as migration complexity, data loss, and security are key areas of concern for most retailers. When making the move to Oracle Commerce Cloud, it’s important that you use the set of right tools and techniques to ensure a smooth migration. Here are some points to consider as you go about your migration.

Five cloud migration challenges that will catch you off guardMultiple legacy systems

Large retailers with enterprise architectures are dependent on legacy systems with complex integrations across different platforms. This includes dependent systems, which require faster responses to effectively run ongoing processes. Any failure would result in a complex process to be re-run resulting in significant delays and setbacks. A thorough understanding of the criticality of dependent systems and the proper configuration for implementation is crucial. As a first step, you must ascertain whether it is feasible to move the legacy system to the cloud. Unless it works as smoothly on the cloud as it does on the premises, the answer is usually negative.

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Software upgrades and updates

To ensure seamless integration and configuration, your cloud service providers may require you to use the latest software versions. While going for an upgrade we need to identify any compatibility issues and make sure they are addressed before dependent systems get updated. Also, the cost of the cloud version may differ from the on-premise version and this could play a key role in decision making. In case you plan to deploy cloud services with multiple vendors, integrations and compatibility challenges may also need to be addressed thoroughly.

Capacity and performance

Improved scalability is one of the key advantages of the cloud. While this may make it easy for businesses to increase resources on demand, it may not necessarily translate into better performance. As a matter of fact, performance testing is only carried out when performance issues arise. If the applications and the components itself have performance issues, then scaling on demand may be somewhat helpful in improving performance. As a best practice, it’s important to include performance testing into your devops or cloud migration process to make sure you achieve the desired performance.

Failover tolerance and high availability

Cloud infrastructure is designed to be highly available depending on the underlying systems. The underlying systems should be tolerant enough to continue operations in case of node failure since a cloud infrastructure are usually built on the assumptions that it will be shared by many clients. This also depends on the architecture chosen for the cloud environment. Oracle commerce cloud provides two hybrid cloud architectures namely Decoupled Service-Enabled Architecture and Coupled/Monolithic Cloud Architecture

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Upgrading skillsets for new tools and processes

Managing the cloud environment with an existing team may require you to upgrade the skillsets to cloud-based development and deployment process. Thorough planning needs to be done on how your resources will adapt to the new way of working. Many of the tools and techniques will change as compared to on-premise infrastructure and a proper readiness assessment must be carried out to evaluate the suitability of cloud deployment model for the ecommerce site you are migrating.

Cloud migration is a complex and tedious process. Oracle Commerce cloud can remove many of the unnecessary constraints and dependencies from the delivery process and boost advantages of cost-effective provisioning of scaling up or down on demand to meet the seasonal demands. Poor performance and unplanned outages could result in huge revenue loss during peak trading hours.

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