Digital Strategy Framework

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Digital Strategy Framework — How To Do It Right!

I can’t remember a week in my last 12 years of digital agency experience where I didn’t encounter a client that is in a desperate need for a digital strategy roadmap. Most of the time, the organization recognizes that need but doesn’t have the financial means or timeline to execute on it. Every time I hear the phrase “We don’t have the budget for that right now?” it becomes instantly clear that the organization is in even more significant need for that road map than they think. At TA Digital, we have designed this Digital Strategy Framework to address this pressing need for our clients.


A digital strategy roadmap isn’t a luxury expense or an afterthought, it is the vision of the organization, its business needs and the plan to achieve those needs in a well thought-out and articulated series of steps. That plan should consider many factors, including the organization finances, business, and technical capabilities. That is why the first step in every digital strategy model is assessing the maturity level of the organization. That maturity assessment takes into account the IT maturity, operational maturity, business maturity and leadership maturity. Next up is the landscape analysis which considers the current state of IT & Development, Business & Marketing and Operations. After understanding the current state of the organization, we seek to understand the business goals and pain points which help us identify the key performance indicators. The KPIs will focus on the following metrics:

  • Conversion, Visitor and Engagement Metrics
  • DevOps and Operations Metrics
  • Sales, Financial and Profitability Metrics
  • Engagement and Adaption Metrics

After setting the KPIs, the next step is to do a thorough analysis of the entire organization (IT, Business, Marketing, and Operations). This analysis will feed directly into the final artifact of the framework which is the final digital strategy with a detailed roadmap on how to execute it.

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