Delivering The Commerce Experience Your Shoppers Expect

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Leveraging Technology for a Better Commerce Experience

Do you think it’s too late to make a fundamental change in a mature industry that’s existed for nearly as long as humans have done business with one another? Think again. The clothing company Reformation has leveraged technology to create a completely new in-store buying experience, and their customers are eating it up.

How do you typically buy clothing? If you’re like most consumers, you probably visit a clothing seller at your local mall. The selection is so enormous that you quickly begin to feel overwhelmed. Eventually, you find a few interesting items and bring them to a fitting room. If you don’t like the items, you leave them in the fitting room. Since the seller has no way to collect data from your experience, it has no way to provide you a better experience in the future.

Using Technology to Reimagine the In-Store Shopping Experience

Reformation’s new in-store shopping experience strips away all of the chaos and clutter that typifies most clothing stores. Their bare showrooms feature just one of every item the company sells; all of those items’ sizes and colors are hidden away in a back room. Customers use touch screen interfaces to select what they’d like to try on, and store employees deliver the items to the fitting rooms. If a size and color combination for an item isn’t in stock, the touch screen doesn’t show it.

Reformation’s in-store experience:

  • Eliminates the stress of looking at hundreds of items to find the one or two that you like
  • Makes the in-store shopping experience as quick and painless as buying online
  • Supplies Reformation with valuable data about its customers’ interests — even when customers decide not to buy

How could your company leverage technology to transform its customer experience?

The Experience Should Move With The Customer

Building a great customer experience requires two things:

  • The ability to manage all of your organization’s content in one place
  • The ability to seamlessly optimize and deploy content on any channel

Omnichannel content is most important if your company sells products both in stores and online. Because the journey changes so much from one customer to the next. One customer may see a television advertisement and browse your website before buying a product in a local store. Another customer may prefer to browse locally and buy online. You’ll lose potential customers in the transition from one channel to another if you fail to provide an experience that’s consistent between channels.

The Experience Should Speak Directly to the Customer

As a consumer, there is almost no way to recover from the disconnect that results from feeling as though you’re having someone else’s experience. If you can’t personalize your content and marketing accurately, you shouldn’t personalize at all. If you don’t personalize, though, you’ll never achieve the level of engagement that comes with delivering the perfect message over the right channel at the ideal time. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to engage with marketing tailored to their specific interests. Collecting better data — as Reformation has done with its new in-store experience — is the first step on the road to personalization that speaks directly to your customers.

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