Best Practices for Delivering a Successful Project

By Aditya Pandurangan 3 min read

So, you’re celebrating as the funding request for your pet initiative came through. But don’t pop the champagne corks yet, as the hard part is yet to come…

Projects can succeed or fail depending on a number of factors. Here are a few pointers for a successful project delivery.

#1 Define a clear list of stakeholders: Ensure decision-makers are involved from each department of which, there are any dependencies. Also, ensure a consensus and commitment of time and resources from each department towards the project. The biggest reason for the failure of any project is the lack of commitment from its key stakeholders.

#2 Review scope, dependencies, and timeline with all the stakeholders: Track the dependencies and delivery timelines in detail on a regular basis. Always ensure that the project scope and mission doesn’t go off the track.

#3 Have a clear strategy for communication: Document your strategy for communication and ensure that it’s strictly adhered to. Define the end goal for each meeting type to avoid the time spent without fruitful results.

#4 Ensure that your KPI’s and the process of ROI measurement remains the same in order to ensure comparable results: Understand the timeline to capture meaningful data that can help compute your project’s ROI. Sometimes, it could span a few weeks or months. Ensure that your process of measurement remains the same in order to ensure comparable results.

#5 Define specific project milestones and deliverables: Ensure that the definition of “Done” is the same for all parties to avoid any confusion. Have frequent and multiple demos to incorporate the customer feedback and ensure that there are no surprises towards the end. Have toll-gates and sign-offs to review and approve interim deliverables.

#6 Share best practices and standards: Always share and agree to follow the best practices and standards at the beginning of the project. Automate reviews and deployments as much as possible to ensure the quality of the deliverable.

#7 Focus on the usability for business users: Many product implementations give too much importance to the end user without focusing on the product’s usability for the authors, which defeats the very purpose of empowering business users.

#8 Focus on training and onboarding: These play a huge role in any successful project implementation. Ensure that the users of the platform are well trained and are comfortable with performing daily tasks on the platform.

#9 Under-promise and over-deliver: Last but not the least…

Remember, for any successful project implementation – always plan the work and work the plan. We know that you’ve heard these strategies before but the challenge in today’s world is to consistently apply the lessons learned. It’s all about the basics really!!

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