The Anatomy of a Frictionless Ecommerce Experience

By Kirsten Oelrich 3 min read

The Anatomy of a Frictionless Ecommerce Experience

October 04, 2018

By Kirsten Oelrich

Business leaders are having sleepless nights over the growing customer experience challenges in the ecommerce world. Personalization is no more a one pill cure-all ─ buying behavior has changed and companies must skillfully strike a balance between greater customization and a respect for individual privacy. The right product at the right moment for the right customer at the right channel is what makes frictionless experience possible.

Customer journey has always been mapped by brands. Previously however, it was simple and straightforward, built on the three pillars of awareness, consideration, and purchase.

In today’s digital world, the barriers to engagement have dissolved and customer-brand interaction has taken the omnichannel route. The emergence of multiple channels has given rise to a fragmented model and purchase behaviors have become complex. Purchase decisions are made on the spur of the moment and brands must be ready to capitalize. That’s why it’s imperative for brands to orchestrate frictionless experiences across channels, throughout the purchase journey.

So, what makes a frictionless ecommerce experience and how can organizations today deliver it? Here’s a quick dissection:

Map the end-to-end customer journey

Frictionless ecommerce is the need of the hour. Focusing on the isolated metrics or touchpoints is ineffective. It is critical to examine the customers experience throughout their customer journey. You need to understand and analyze why. An end-to-end view transforms this experience to an even more interactive one, by immediately engaging with the customer through customer service and augmenting their sale value. When you take an end-to-end view, you keep the individual touchpoints aside and give the customer an overall, integrated seamless experience.

Identify your critical customer journeys 

Every customer journey is unique and different. It is imperative for brands to scrutinize their complete experience individually. Customers would readily endorse your company if they are content with their experience during their journey and you should make the most of this opportunity. Bad customer experience mars the reputation of the company. Hence, a survey should be conducted to identify and analyze the parts where the customer’s journey has been delightful or disappointing and resolve it as soon as possible.

Avoid becoming a ‘faceless’ enterprise 

In today’s era of chatbots and machine learning, human interaction lends a golden touch to every customer-brand interaction. Customers feel valued with one-to-one interactions rather than automated or self-service processes, which drive them away. When contacted by the customer you can correspond and understand their needs and offer them services according to their requirements. Such personal services are instant, accurate and latest. A record of communications, transactions, interactions – including self-service or automated exchanges should be maintained by the operative.  

The ecommerce industry today is fiercely competitive. Customer behaviors fluctuate frequently and brand loyalty is at an all-time low. A missed opportunity could mean a lost customer. Focusing on personalization alone will not help brands get by. That’s why frictionless customer experiences are imperative. Is your brand ready to deliver frictionless ecommerce?

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