Dr. Ali Alkhafaji talks about TA Digital CommerceFactory at Acquia Engage 2018

By Kirsten Oelrich 3 min read

Dr. Ali Alkhafaji talks about TA Digital CommerceFactory at Acquia Engage 2018

January 16, 2019

By Kirsten Oelrich

As TA Digital unveiled CommerceFactory at Acquia Engage, CTO Dr. Ali Alkhafaji talked to CMS Connected on the partnership with Elastic Path and Acquia, the current state of experiential commerce, and emerging trends in the future of commerce.

CommerceFactory combines the power of Drupal CMS with the commerce functionality of Elastic Path, allowing clients to go-to-market in a short amount of time on both enterprise CMS and enterprise commerce.

Speaking to Laura Myers from the CMS Connected team on the benefits of the new, headless approach, Ali said, “The idea that the new generation of commerce is really rooted in the experiential commerce which is the idea that you build that connection and that emotional context with the end user and we were able to really portray that aspect of commerce in the CommerceFactory building storylines, building a narrative, having that connection with the end user. Things like one-page checkouts, storylines, feature products and put that all together in a turn-key solution that can get clients live on enterprise commerce and enterprise CMS in 3 months. That has been a very compelling state and everybody has been very excited to hear that.”

You can watch the complete interview below:


Ali also shared his insights on the emerging trends in the commerce space in the near future. Responding to a question on where things are headed and the trends most likely to dominate the digital commerce industry, Ali said, “The typical answer you’ll get is AI, machine learning, search, IoT, and obviously all those things are going to be applicable but the one that I really feel is going to be the biggest trend and the one that is going to have the largest impact is taking it back to the human factor and really building that connection. You know, we talked about experiential commerce as a conceptual idea but it’s really not, it’s taking products that people are already interested in and talking about and giving them that experience and building that emotional connection that is really critical.”

“…the new generation of commerce is really rooted in the experiential commerce which is the idea that you build that connection and that emotional context with the end user…” || Visit our microsite for an interactive demo of CommerceFactory.

Elaborating further on the ‘human factor’ and its growing importance in driving purchase behavior, Ali said,

“Study after study shows we buy things that we like, we buy things that we feel close to, we buy things that we connect to, sometimes people spend more money on things that they feel are better quality, people spend more time or effort and even wait longer for those types of products. You know, you see companies like Tesla and Apple sell the same product with additional features at a much higher price and they sell it at record prices because they build that emotional connection with the end user and that is really what I believe is going to be the next step especially for online commerce, it’s to start building that once again. Tying the brick-and-motor stores to the online stores.”

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