5 Great Customer Analytics Acquisition and Retention Strategies

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5 Great Customer Analytics Acquisition and Retention Strategies

An analytics platform provides valuable insight into everything that happens on your website. With analytics, you know which traffic sources provide most of your visitors, and you know the paths that users typically take through your website. When you search your analytics platform for data that’s actionable, though, you may struggle to find information that you can use.

At TA Digital, one of our favorite ways of utilizing analytics data is to boost a website’s conversion and customer retention rates. In this article, we’ll discuss how we do it.

Learn More About Customer Segments

If you’re using a platform such as Adobe Marketing Cloud to build customer profiles and segment your audience, you can integrate your marketing platform with your analytics platform to learn more about the ways in which segments of your customer base interact with your website. You may learn, for example, that your website’s content isn’t connecting well with people in certain age ranges.

Identify Your Best Customers

Before you tax your company’s resources in an attempt to optimize your website for a specific customer segment, it’s wise to find out who your best customers are. The segmentation capabilities of your analytics platform can deliver that insight by telling you which customer segments have the largest average order values, the highest lifetime values, and the best repeat purchase rates. The information that you gather can help you decide whether it would be better to optimize your website for underperforming customer segments or increase your efforts to acquire more customers within segments that are already profitable.

Discover Lookalike Audiences

Your analytics platform may draw information from your CRM database, recorded web site interactions, public records and more to gain a deep understanding of your customers and discover statistical correlations between them. Based on those correlations, your analytics platform may suggest customer segments that you hadn’t considered previously. More importantly, your analytics platform can help you immediately identify a hot lead based on similarities to your most profitable segments. Using that information, you’ll always know where your sales staff should focus most of its energy.

Optimize Your Marketing Materials

Any marketing asset has a nearly infinite number of possible variations. Changing a headline, an image or a visual design element could affect the conversion rate of an advertisement or landing page — and a good analytics platform makes it possible to test many variations of many different assets simultaneously. Optimizing your marketing assets can greatly reduce the cost of each new customer your business acquires.

Discover What Resonates With Your Customers

An analytics platform is a valuable tool that can help you understand how customers interact with your brand. There is no single thing that you can do with analytics to double your sales overnight, though — you’ll find that most of your improvements take place gradually. As you use your analytics platform to optimize your marketing materials and website content, monitor your engagement statistics constantly. When you discover something that resonates with your customers — or a particular customer segment — you’ll know that you’ve done something right. Use that as a stepping stone toward further growth.

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